May 11th, 2020


So, a lot has happened....

Small update, maybe the last for a long time. But as much as I hate doing
it these days, it's good to touch the past every now and then, to remind
myself of just how far I've come.

I got the therapy I really needed all these years.

It hurt. More than I thought it would. Surgery is curative, once you heal
from the open wound. And I realized that what I was looking for in life was
completely broken and thus not an honorable desire. The broken cannot heal
the broken.

I did something crazy and totally quit my job for a while. Left my old life
behind, saw the world, got some fresh air. Came back renewed in body and

And then, when I was ready, I met her. You'd love her, ye unseen masses of
the Internet. Silly, goofy, totally the opposite of what I thought I wanted
(while still being intelligent and ambitious and driven). But boy, she can

So, I married her. And I'm deliriously happy. It's been more than two and a
half years since she showed up, and life (while not perfect, to be sure -
see COVID) is far better than it ever was before.

I found my forever duet partner. We make a good "quaran-team."

(The irony is that most operatic roles written for baritone are either the
buffoon, the dad/older brother, or the villain. Gilda and Rigoletto,
Violetta and Germont, Tosca and Scarpia, Minnie and Jack Rance. No sappy
love duets for us - we may have to write our own.)

Years ago, I recalled that there was hope - I just had to wait a little
longer. It was worth every moment.